Diesel Eco Box

110 300 044

Diesel Eco Box electric vane-cell pump for diesel, gas oil (minimum flash point ≥ 55°C) and antifreeze (concentrate).

Ideal for use in agriculture, industry, workshops and non public service stations.

For above-ground tanks only.

Features & Benefits

  • Vane-cell pump with integrated siphon protection
  • Automatic A 2010 nozzle with swivel hose joint
  • Nozzle holder in housing
  • Foot filter
  • Mechanical roller meter Z 400


  • Flow Rate55 l/min
  • Suction Height4 m
  • Discharge HoseDN 19 x 4
  • Power330 W
  • Voltage230 V / 50 Hz
  • Current2.4 A
  • Cable Length2 m
  • Weight18 kg

Product Information

Part NumberDescriptionFlow RateFlow Meter
110 300 044Diesel Eco Box with a A 2010 Nozzle55 l/minZ 400

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