Software for oil management systems OilControl pro (without tablet)

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The OilControl pro software, suitable for the TMS air, offers ability to manage the centralized oil supply system via the company network (LAN or WiFi).

Via a network (LAN or WiFi), the OilControl software — which is now available in a server version — makes it easy to access all the features of TECALEMIT's oil management system in a clear and structured manner.

Using any commercially available tablet or PC (no particular manufacturer or operating system required), clients can access the server software on their central workstation. This means that you do not need to purchase any expensive, specialized devices.

Integration into a dealer management system (DMS)
The OilControl software is offered in two variants (eco and pro). The standard version is provided by default along with the TMS air, while the paid full version includes interfaces to various dealer management systems. You can update to the full version at any time.

Features & Benefits

  • Multi-user solution
  • Creation of dispensation orders on PC
  • Transfer of dispensation orders
  • Order data can be accessed in the workshop area
  • Indicates when dispensation procedure is complete
  • Logging of data
  • Avoids incorrect entries
  • Continuous flow of data

Product Information

Part NumberDescription
030 480 030Software for oil management systems OilControl pro (without tablet)

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