TPAn Pneumatic Oil Pump

015 421 015

The pneumatically-driven piston pump is used for transferring lubricants and similar fluids when the storage and dispensation area are in different places.

The high-performance pumps work using a liquid-filled system and guarantee a consistently high delivery performance even with long pipe distances and high counter pressures. The double-action axial piston pump is driven by an oscillating pneumatic motor with automatic reversing gear.

Additional features include an oil pressure regulator as well as a vibration-absorbing rubber mounting and wall bracket. The design-approved, flexible pressure connector, as well as special suction lines for original containers and for various tank designs enable easy assembly and installation.

Features & Benefits

  • For engine oil, gear oil, hydraulic oil and radiator antifreeze
  • With surge tank and oil pressure regulator
  • Automatic shut-off
  • Air connection hose with plug
  • Suction connector with G 3/4 dirt trap
  • Without suction line, without pressure line


  • Flow Rateca. 20 l/min
  • Viscosity Rangemax. 5000 mPa
  • Transmission ratio4:1
  • Air pressure max.10 bar
  • Medium Temperature10 - 60 °C
  • Ambient Temperature10 bar
  • Dimensions (W x D x H)20 x 170 x 445 mm
  • Weight7 kg

Product Information

Part NumberDescription
015 421 015TPAn Pneumatic Oil Pump

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